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Sing a pooor

Greetings friends,

We have taken refuge in Singapore one of the great outposts of the empire! Since flying in some luxury from Dehli to our present location we have been scuba diving, sat on a tropical island, had the worst hangover of the trip (ok thats just me) and errrr spent a lot of money, probably too much money.

Its fair to say theres been a bit of a culture shock since getting here, we both started dribbling over things like road markings and traffic lights, which in India are yet to be introduced in most places and in those 'enlightened' areas which have been blessed with such traffic control devices, the indiginous population chooses to ignore them completely (flashing green and red lights are either a form of witchcraft or the signs of cheap restaurant, neither being particularly useful for controlling the flow of traffic), but i digress. So yes its different and at first its very wonderful, its so first world and pleasant. But then theres something about it thats just a bit dull, its the city equivalent of the colour beige, its inoffensive and on occasion fairly pleasing but for the most part you'd struggle to find much of a pulse! Bit unfair maybe espeacially as the taxi drivers use meters and theres an underground! Get in! Anyway we didnt stay long in Singapore, infact it was about 2 hours before we found ourslevs being herded through immigration and into Malaysia. Four hours on a bus and 5 hours sitting on ones elbows and then another 2 hours on a boat and we arrived in the tropical paradise of Tioman island just of the east coast of Malaysia and very nice it is to. You could cornettos there, just like in Weston Super Mare but without donkeys and with palm trees and coral reefs and stuff! Highly pleasant.

We already had ourselves booked on a diving course, an advanced one no less, so we hoed for it so to speak. I should point out now that since cracking my cusp (thats the dental expression apparently) i have been whinning day in and day out about a) how much it hurts and b) how afraid i am of a tooth squeeze. Now for those who aren't aware of what a tooth squeeze invloves let me enlighten you! A tooth squeeze is when a pocket of air is caught inside a tooth and you decide to go diving to 20mtr or something the volume of the air is decreased by 3 times due to Boyles law (you still paying attention there!! this is important!) and causes a squeezing sensation which is rather unpleasant.. However on the way up it should expand back to the normal size and everything is ok again..solution dont go diving. It happens when you get filling which then gets some decay under it or if you have a decayed root or something.. I dont know. Anyway what I was worried about was what happens when you have cracks or tiny holes that allow preasurised air in i.e. when you're at depth but then doesnt let it out as it expands, this is called a reverse block and in teeth it can lead them to break apart.. yessssssssssssssss. break in twixt. This hurts alot. Now being paranoid (you may have noticed from the explanation), I was concerned that my cracked cusp would play a trick on me and course my teeth to explode, so as you can imagine i decided to externalise my fears by telling Jennie about how excrutiating painful it would be!! Right ok so I've just gone and done it again, thank you all for listening. I can tell you now it didnt happen and I am very grateful for this fact, so instead I became afraid of sharks. Diving can do this to you.

Anyway enough of that Sandall and I are now both advanced diver people, not what sure that means but I can tell you on the underwater navigation I almost became lost so just dont ask me to read a map underwater. Ok right what elese happened, well we also went snorkelling which was very nice and saw lots of lovely looking fish and a few mean looking ones too, I found a large shell which i gave to Jennie and she told me to put it back... nice. Apart from that I watched the FA cup final and was gutted for West Ham and decided to get drunk in support of them, it was quite bewildering to have people commiserate with me when they finally lost, perhaps Tottenham fans just have that look about them espeacially in near miss situations!! I dont know. Anyway we arrived back here in Singapore yesterday afternoon and booked into a hostel called the 'The Inn Crowd', very clever, stayed in a huge dorm which to my mind stank of feet but apparently it was wet paint... hmm think i'll take feet if i'm going to spend the night in there. Anyway we then went out and spent loadsa money all at once in this place called SimLim Square which is an electronics mecca, Sandall bought an I Pod Nano and hasnt stopped proclaiming her love for it, and I bought a big fat digital camera which I'm still trying to figure out how to turn on, I've charged the batteries so far whichis a step in the right direction!! Hmmm apart from that Sandall keeps on threatening to blow all the rest of our money on clothes and shes also come out with lots of bumps up and down here legs, which she says is lots of mosi bites but i think its a spending rash she gets when she wants to go shopping. Right now shes effing and blinding at a computer because shes trying to get her music off her old MP3 player so she can put it on to her new one, but in a fit of electronic jealousy her old MP3 player refuses to give up its musical bounty!! She is not happy I can tell you so I hope she doesnt read this and beat me up!

Anyway we fly to KL tonight which i think will take about 45 mins or something stupid, so we set off for the airport in a little while, in the meantime I'm making preparations to watch the Champions League Final tomorrow evening, come on Barca! Hope everyones well back in Blighty... I think its time we got backpacking again, we're getting fat and comftorable living in the first world!

Be upstanding


Posted by andyabroad 20:53

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First of all, I can't believe you are poshing it and flying to KL from Singapore! haha! Secondly, those bumps sounds dangerously like bed bugs...get antihistamines (however you spell it)down you and stock up of calamine lotion!
Jen you make me laugh! Such a spend thrift! Two MP3 players? Necessary?! Go to the Batu caves outside KL...if you like Hindu stuff! Sounds like you're having a wicked time! Of course I'm enjoying myself more than you working in the hell hole of Barking wiht the delightful Englsh weather!xxx

by sammyslide

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