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I shall endeavor to keep this brief... so brace yourselves!

So we left the 1st world what seems like ages ago and flew straight into KL which it must be said is also the 1st world ro rather a Malaysian effort at the 1st world for which I award them A-. KL it has to be said a rapidly evolved sort of place.. Sandall and I couldnt for the life of us find anything more cultural than the Petling street ngiht market to see and the Petronas towers which dont in my opinion really count being essentially really big office buildings with the dubious claim of being the worlds largest TWIN towers, not the worlds largest buildings still, small victorys and they are quite big. Anyway so we went to the night market and the woman bought a gucci purse.. wait sorry a fake gucci bag.. its fabulous darlinng dont you know or something like that! I of course bought a fake watch or maybe 2 (they rule.. I have a James Bond Omega Seamaster and a Breitling jobby, the Breitling seems a bit more flimsy but they both have automatic movements apparently.. either that or you have to shake them to get it started whenever they break). So I was happy and she was happy and then we went for a drink, and then we were not happy as alcohol is a pricey commodity in this neck of the woods.. officially this is a Muslim country, based on the number of bars, clubs and prostitutes its one relaxed muslim country too!

Right I just deleted a whole bunch of what I had writen so I shall condense it for my sanitys sake! 2nd day in KL and we decided to head to the Petronas towers to journey to their lofty peaks and see the sights! Only you can only go as far as the skybridge which is only on the 41st floor or something and therefore not quite as impressive! Still must be done, anyway we then met up with the couple who had agreed to hold onto my camera for me and so it came to pass that once again I was reunited with my toy! In fear of losing it again I then sent it home today so fingers crossed it will remain in my possesion now! Anyway we met up with the couple (Simon and Claire) and had an absolutely awesome time, they are as all the expats we have met are, absolute legends and proceeded to ply us with the super expensive booze and lovely food until the early hours and then picked up the whole tab.. truly a pick me up for a pair of shoe stringers like ourselves! Anyway I can report that my hangover was of monumental proportions and I dont want to even discuss what happened.. there are pictures of me the day after and i look like I belong in a morgue!

So seeing as I refuse to speak of the day after the night before I suppose I'd better change the scene which promptly leads me to worlds oldest primary rainforest! Smooth link eh! Yes we ended up in this place called the Taman Negara which is reputedly the worlds oldest rainforest, I dont know much about rainforests so i guess i'll take their word for it, but it could have been the worlds newest for all I know... suffice to say there was a lot of trees! Now everyone knows that rainforests equal leeches so you can imagine that the pair of us went out bought salt, and other goodys to defeat the slimy blood suckers, only to arrive there and find that there were no leeches... hmmm. Anyway we went for a walk in the woods and a night safari, which was advertised as going through the jungle when in fact we went on a jeep guided by a wildlife hating lunatic who took us to a fruit plantation.. awesome.. we saw 3 birds, one of which the man captured.. why? who knows! So not to great really considering the cost of getting there! We were going to go on a canopy walkway which apparently is a 'highlight' but were caught out by friday prayers that seem to shut down odd bits of the country for friday afternoon. So we left, unimpressed! Ah well.. anyway we headed back for KL inorder to head north to our current abode, that being Penang. In Kl we met up with Chase and Furze two mates from university who we had arranged to meet up with at some point.. it was tres amusing to see them, acting all married! haha! Went to a few bars drank some, caught up, marvelled at the wonder that is A/C and then sadly bade them fair well as we caught a bus to Penang..
Penang it must be said, is not awesome at all... we havent seen so much of it so cant speak for all of it, but in Georgetown where we've spent most of our time, the highlight for me would probably be watching the Da Vinchi Code in the local cinema.. I still cant figure out if i liked it, i think i did, a good use of 3 hours anyway! Anyway we've seen a bit of this place and had planned on heading to Lankawi next and then on to Thailand, but reports are that Lankawi is too quiet and too expensive to be worth it.. so we head for Thailand tomorrow at 5am!! Dear god! Anyway thats really it from me... its been a bit of a list hasnt it not.. not so much with the gags or fun, sorry people!

Anyway I dream of England...

Posted by andyabroad 04:38

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